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Documentation Layout

This documentation is organised as follows:

  • Introduction - Provides an introduction to the Service Fabric and some of the principles that underpin its design.
  • Atlas Resource Management - Explains how to create and manage large multi-node Service Fabrics. 
  • Supported Platforms - Documents supported OSGi frameworks, Java JVM's and host requirements.
  • Installation - A walkthrough of installing a Service Fabric.
  • Administration - Details concerning the management of Fabrics and Systems.
  • Hello Tutorial -  A series of examples, each demonstrating a salient Service Fabric capability.
  • Distributed OSGi - A series of distributed examples.
  • Packager and Enterprise Examples - Demonstration Fabric capabilities with REST, traditional JEE and non Java software components. 
  • Reference - Background technical information. 

New in this Release?

See what's new for details.

Support or Questions?

If you have further questions, or need support or advice, please contact us or visit our online support portal.

Interested in a Service Fabric evaluation?

If you are interested in the Paremus Service Fabric and would like to download an evaluation, please complete the online form hereIf you've already had an evaluation license, but it has now expired, please contact us to obtain an extension.


Service Fabric Document Archive

Documentation for previous Service Fabric releases may be found archived here.



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