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Welcome To The Service Fabric

Leveraging open industry standards, the Paremus Service Fabric (a.k.a the Fabric) has been designed to directly addresses the issues that most organisations now face: namely application maintainability, development and runtime agility and addressing environmental complexity. 

By addressing these fundamentals; the Paremus Service Fabric delivers the promises of Modularity and Cloud computing to the Enterprise.

In addition to dynamically assembling your next generation of OSGi based composite application the Fabric enables existing applications to be simply deployed, configured, scaled and subsequently update:

  • Replacing legacy compute Grid silos.
  • Providing a scalable Tomcat or Jetty Web Farm infrastructure for your Web based applications.
  • Providing a self-configuring JVM execution farm for Java (POJO), JEE, Spring or Scala based applications.
  • Supporting non-Java software.
  • Dynamically deploying, configuring and scaleing your Big Data & No-SQL applications. 

Using a robust, low latency, data-centric messaging data centre 'backplane' (based on the Object Management Group's DDS standard), the Paremus Service Fabric is designed to support mission critical, distributed & latency sensitive applications in the most demanding of environments. 

Documentation Layout

This documentation is organised in the following manner:

  • Concepts - Background on the concepts and principles adopted by the Service Fabric.
  • Supported Platforms - Provides information concerning supported OSGi frameworks, Java JVM's and host requirements.
  • Installation - Details on how to install the Service Fabric.
  • Administration - Introduces terminology & concepts, and then walks the user through running a Service Fabric and deploying a System.
  • Tutorials -  Provide a walk through of Service Fabric examples, each demonstrating a salient Service Fabric capability.
  • Reference - Further technical information. 

New in this Release?

See What's New for details on the latest features and enhancements in this Service Fabric release. 

Support or Questions?

If you are having problems or have any questions please contact us or visit our online support portal.

Need An Evaluation License?

New to the Paremus Service Fabric and would like to download an evaluation copy? Please complete the online form here and we will get back to you.

Already had an evaluation license but it's expired? Please contact us to discuss obtaining an extension.


Service Fabric Document Archive

Documentation for previous Service Fabric releases may be found archived here.



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